IT Intrafastructure

We offer a wide range of services to help improve overall Information Technology (IT) infrastructure for your organization and reduce the cost significantly to maintain it. We can evaluate the system software and hardware needs to run your day-to-day operation. These services include LAN (Internet, Intranet, Virtual Private Network) Setup, Firewall, router setup, Ethernet cabling, backup and disaster recovery solutions, and provide regular maintenance of these services. Please contact our customer service for more information.


Over 20 years of combined experience in operation, managing, planning, designing and integrating Local/Wide Area Networks interconnectivity from the conceptual stages, installation of the physical infrastructure, to the final testing phases. This includes combining computer hardware, software and system expertise with design and engineering services in analyzing client computer-based operation needs. Our certified engineers have configuration experience with variety of software and hardware like Cisco routers, Novell and NT products including 2000and XP edition, any many more. We have been responsible for day-to-day computing and network operations in a distributed and mobile client/server environment.