Systems Consulting

In order to be effective, a company's IT strategy must be carefully tailored to fit its business strategy. If the two strategies have not been designed to work in synch, the resulting inefficiencies can have a very significant negative impact on the company. The idea of integrating an IT strategy to fit into a business strategy misses the point. Better to take a hybrid approach, in which the overall strategy takes into account both IT and Management Technology, and thus ensures a harmonious interrelation. This is our new approach to systems consulting.


There are two main groups of KTI: IT strategists and IT architects. The IT strategists look after the IT-related aspects of the client's business strategy, offering the most appropriate IT strategies for business support.

IT architects, on the other hand, evaluate plans and help to design and create the complete systems infrastructure, from existing legacy systems to open and Internet systems. While their 'total support' responsibilities include suggesting hardware and software options, planning network processing and security system operation methods, and general system development, they also audit and evaluate the entire buildup process to ensure that the finished system is the best we can provide for our client.


With today's highly advanced networks, IT systems need to be open and vendor-free, being able to use whatever hardware or software is most appropriate, regardless of brand name. One of the reasons our services are so highly valued by our clients is that we steadfastly maintain our neutrality, and our clients trust that we will give them the solutions that best fit their needs. In this way, we don't remain wedded to existing methods and patterns, but rather we continuously update our